5th Mekong Cup 2016

5th Mekong Cup 2016. Sep 10-11, 2016Mekong Cup

The Mekong Cup returns to Bangkok! Show your interest in attending here.
Teams confirmed to attend:
– SoiDawgz (3 teams) (Bangkok)
– Vudoo (HCMC)
– Spartans (Singapore)
– Carecubs (KL)
– Cambodia Team 1
– Cambodia Team 2
– Lannananna (Chiang Mai)
– SabaiDisc (Laos)
– Zero (Yangon)
– Guam

7,000 THB for team fee plus 900 THB per player for player fee.

If you are interested in attending, please email mkcup2016@gmail.com with your team name, level of experience and where you are from. We will confirm registrations based on team ability (this is a development tournament) and space availability.


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Voice record to show taxi – Direction in Thai



The results:

Champions: Carecubs (KL)
Runners up: Lannananna (Chiang Mai)
B-Pool: Cambodia Klang (Cambodia)
Spirit: Zero Ultimate (Yangon)

– SoiSauce (Bangkok)
– Vudoo (HCMC)

– SoiDawgz (Bangkok)
– SoiCowboyz (Bangkok)
– Spartans (Singapore)
– Guambats (Guam)

B-pool runners up:
– Cambodia Chlat (Cambodia)

B-Pool semis:
– SabaiDisc (Laos)
– Zero Ultimate (Yangon)