3rd Mekong Cup 2014

When? 24 & 25 May, Phnom Penh

The third annual Mekong Cup will be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 24 & 25 May.

The goal of the Mekong Cup has always been to give opportunities to new & developing teams to play regionally by keeping costs down and spirit high.

Please submit team bids to mekongcup.pp@gmail.com by 3 April. Priority will be given to teams in the Mekong region/SE Asia.

Team fee information will be released soon and will carry on the tradition of being a reasonably priced tournament.

Hosted by The Orphans in the great city of Phnom Penh, this is a tournament not to miss!


At our 2nd Mekong Cup in May 2013, 12 teams participated and the tournament featured two full days of team play. The following teams participated;

12 Tong Daeng – Bangkok (Party Winners!)
11 Malayouts – Kuala Lumpur
10 SabaiDisc – Vientiane
9 EatDisc – Singapore
8 Elephantastic – Chiang Mai (Spirit Winners!)
7 Chuckies – Singapore
6 – Angelina’s Orphans – Phnom Penh
5 – SoiDawgz – Bangkok
4 – Big Eyez
3 – Never Underestimate Students – Singapore
2 – Flying Zucchinis of the Apocalypse – Jakarta & area (Runners Up)
1 – Morning Glory – Chiang Mai (Champions)

Pics: https://www.facebook.com/samakkee/media_set?set=a.631513043545288.1073741831.100000597951130&type=1


The tournament is not intended for teams prepping for Worlds but there will be some experienced teams playing.
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Location of Fields