1st Mekong Cup – 2012


July 21 – 22, 2012

After 12 years of hosting SE Asia’s largest and most fun Hat tournament, Bangkok finally held a team tournament…… the Inaugural Mekong Cup.

As it was a new and relatively small tournament, it was scaled down but still with plenty of fun – for the love of the game! 7 teams from the region attended with the first day being a competitive mixed team tournament. The 2nd day was held as a mini hat tournament.


Bangkok Soi Dawgz
Kamagong (Philippines)
Lannanana (Chiang Mai)
Tong Daeng (Soi Dawgz Thai team)
Sabaidisc (Laos)
Disco Dozen (Indonesia)
Malayouts (Malaysia)

We will continue holding the Mekong Cup as an annual, regional tournament sometime in July or August 2013.

Some photos: