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It’s time again for another League. This League will be COOLER since we’ve been approved to use the field at the NATIONAL STADIUM in the middle of Bangkok. That’s right! Better Field & Better Light and the best Location in Bangkok adjacent to the BTS National Stadium station

As always if you are unsure about where you are going or have questions pop over to our contact page to get a hold of us.


Thursday Nights starting Oct 11 and continuing on Oct 18. Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 from 8pm-10pm.

Be there at 7:45pm though to warm up as the first pull will be at 8:15pm.


Located at the National Stadium warm up field adjacent to the BTS National Stadium station (W1) and near MBK. You can see the field from the station platform to the right as you exit the train.

Right in the heart of Bangkok, it can’t be easier than that location wise! (Okay well in your living room would be easier but then we’d be playing ‘couch surfing Ultimate’ which let’s face it is a tad limiting for a long huck)

Fee : 1700 Baht for the league or 250 baht per night if you play as a pick up.

Jerseys : There will be no team jerseys made. Please bring White shirt and Colour shirt.

What to bring : Your own water.

Player Skill : All level can join. New players are welcome too.