Week 1 – Jan 19, 2012

Field 1: Red 8 — Yellow 9

It was a close and boring game with no excitement.

Field 2: White 7 — Blue 13

You could tell the tension before the game as White was very serious about their cheer and Blue was doing team Yoga with Gabby at the lead. Kerry was flaunting his freak shoes to the team, as usual, while the customary disc flip was done. With a bit of the pre-game jitters, mostly because we did not have any tasty fermented beverages to calm them, we lined up to receive the pull. The first point was a turn over and some great movement by White to give them a 1-0 advantage. White looked very strong at this point and my initial assessment of any imbalance of the teams was thrown away. That quickly changed after countless turnovers by White and a 7-2 halftime score in favor of Blue. Near half, Kristie called for a short meeting for Blue to let up a bit to allow White to try a zone and allow their new players to learn a bit. White came out a bit stronger after half and started narrowing the score. Blue made a few changes on defense such as not picking the person you will guard until you get down the field and girls cannot guard girls…
In the end even though White made a great push in the second half and got the score as close as 10-7, Blue eventually pulled out the win.

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