Week 10 – Mar 29, 2012


Game 1 — 8:40pm : Red vs White

Beer drinking happened.

Game 2 — 9:00pm : Yellow 9 vs Blue 13

With so much trash talk coming in from Yellow it was hard to wade through it all. I’m pretty sure that is all they had though when it comes to frisbee. Talk talk talk. While they were boasting about time travel and other things Blue was cranking up the roller coaster up to the top of tracks. It wasn’t long before the coaster was on its way rolling over yellow like they were butter left out in the heat.

The game was actually quite amazing. A well fought battle both ways. Blue stuck to their tried and true zone. Yellow did come out strong though and it is hard to play a good zone when you are always on your back foot. We were worried for the first half for sure as it was hard to establish our typical zone since Yellow was also zoning and their offense being very aggressive.

In the end the game came down to just a few mistakes that Blue capitalized on which gave them the small buffer to carry through to the end.

Trash Talk