Week 2 – Jan 26, 2012

Field 1: Yellow 13 — Blue 12

The game started with the usual awkward yoga by Blue. No jitters tonight though as beverages were on the sidelines. The game started with Blue pulling to Yellow. Blue put on a zone to start the game and somewhere Dan Maggie announced they should keep the disc moving back and forth to make Blue tired since they were Zoning on the first point. Good luck 🙂 With a bit of patience Yellow moved the disc down the field and scored. Looking good. Dave came on the next point and off the pull returned the disc to the far end zone for a long score to barefoot Kerry. The game stayed even all the way to half where Yellow pulled out of a 10-15 minute point to take half 7-6.
Yellow pulled away slightly after half with a few mistakes by Blue and the game was 9-7 at one point until Blue pulled it together a bit and tied the game 11-11. It was agreed to play to 13 not win by 2 as both teams were ridiculously tired and it was 10:15 already. The game went to universal point with Yellow receiving the disc. Time out was called by Blue to gather energy and put out a D-Line. Kerry called out a few names and Blue threw on a hard Zone. Yellow really worked at it hard to move the disc up the field. The zone was only allowing some over the top throws. At half field Man was called by Blue to try and insight confusion, but Yellow stayed strong and slowly worked the disc up the field and eventually threw a drifting hammer across to Allison to win the game.

Field 2: Red 7 — White 12
Red and White took a different approach to the first regular season game. Red got in their huddle and discussed what their team name should be. Very chill and relaxing. On the other side, White Lightning was all business (must be trying to redeem themselves after last week). They did a box drill first and then got together to discuss strategies. Those things worked as they came out firing. They used big hucks to Tim and Danny while created turnovers with effective zone. They jumped out to 5-1 lead. But just like the pre-game approach, Red calmly pulling themselves together to make a game of it. It’s 5-4 then 6-5. Red was looking to tie it up then hoping to take it to half. They had a perfect opportunity with White turning it over right in front of their own endzone. Red called a time out to talk things over. Ahn had the disc in the right corner. Beau made a sharp cut to the endzone from the dump position but his mark was right on him. Ahn finally located the “where were you” second dump, Tri. He saw nobody making the cut down the forehand lane but spotted Beau making a move to the far left corner. Tri decided to be Thor and launched a huge hammer crossing the field to Beau. But to no avail as Danny with his manly gut managed to box out Beau. Just like lightning, White struck down the field and scored to take half at 7-5.

With 15 minutes to soft cap, the second half started. White pulled and marched down the field to set up their effective zone. The point lasted for 10 minutes. It took Red a while but managed to crack the cup and marched down the left side to midfield. There, Ahn spotted Bonnie wide open downfield as old/injured Danny thought he had enough speed to poach and tempted Ahn to throw. Ahn didn’t hesistate and launched a nice flat throw into the endzone. We could hear Danny mouth “-uck” as he  was trailing Bonnie. Unfortunately, for Red and luckily for Danny, the disc had a little too much speed. Again, living up to their name, White Lightning used the turnover and zipped down the field for the score (8-6)… And they never looked back as Red felt the effect of the momentum killer. In about 10 more minutes, White went up 11-7. Then, ended with 12-7 after soft cap. A lot of points in such a short time. Well, Red was very generous as they allowed several knock downs on their dumps. But it was all good, White’s captain brought over some white wine to soothe our pain. Lee and Tri provided some Singha and Leo. And team Red toasted to their new name of “Red Rocket”. It wasn’t a total loss.    …By the way, White brilliantly sandbagged their game last week so they can get some extra help. =)

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