Week 5 – Feb 23, 2012

Teams welcomed 8 new or pick up members given those league players that did a Nate which meant ensuring team balance was a challenge. However, the team balance perfectionist, Tri somehow yet again pulled it off. Both games went virtually point for point to half and ended up being decided on Universal point! Thus, as it stands after regular season game 3:
1) White 3-0, 2) Yellow 2-1, 3) Red Rocke 1-2, 4) Blue 0-3 (lost all 3 by a universal point).

Yellow 12 — Red 11
White 13 — Blue 12
On the far field, short-handed Yellow took on Red Rockets. Yellow had to pick up three new players to compensate for a new father, father time, Mr. MIA and “out of this world” dude. That worked out well as the pick-uppers made the difference in the game. Red got a taste of that as the littlest new player for Yellow, Dez?, bailed out a few desperate deep throws and a great read to catch and score in the first half which made it to be a fun half as it was back and forth. It was 6-5 Red. They wanted to take it to half with a 2 point lead but Yellow wouldn’t have any of it as they scored 2 in a row to take half at 7-6. (You know it’s not Red’s night when when one of those points was when on a mismatch of Yellow. A young Red guy somehow ended up marking Suzanne of Yellow. Mismatch for sure on a turn. But no turn was needed when the guy decided to poach and allowed Suzanne to score deep in the endzone where she pitched a tent while waiting there for a while).

But Red Rockets were confident at half that it’s still where they want to be and thinking they can play better in the second half. They were right. A little wind picked up at the start of the 2nd half. Beau knew better and called for a Zone D. The pull got all the way to the right side of the endzone. Wisely, the handler wanted to swing it to the far side of the field. However, Chris was too far and the wind was too strong as the disc hit the fake grass a meter in front of Chris. Red went on to score that point and two more in a row to make it 9-7.

Piece of cake now… as Tri went to the sideline to crack a Leo. “Not so fast my friends” somebody once said. The nonchalant play by the Red Rockets allowed the game to be back and forth- 9-8, 10-8, 10-9, 10-10 and then 11-10 (Red). At that time (10:39), both teams knew it would be soft cap after this next point. Well, instead of going up by 2 for Red, Yellow tied it up, 11-11, to bring the game to a universal point finish.

But Red Rockets were still in good hands with the pull coming. Swing, short sharp cut, swing and another sharp cut to the open side brought the disc to midfield. Tri got the disc in hand and spotted T in the left back of the endzone who was being guarded by Ben. Tri thought better of throwing it down there but young Ben was poaching too much to pass up. Tri launched his forehand hoping to loop over Ben. After Tri’s throw, he shook his head as knowing the throw was too low. Sure enough, Ben got his fingers on it… but the disc managed to stay in flight and slowly floated right in front of T as the whole crowd saw the platter it was being served on. But T mishandled it because it was too shocking and too much nerves that the disc was RIGHT THERE.

Not over yet, Yellow got the disc to the line. The throw was to the tall-for-Thailand Alison but it was too high as it sailed over both of her hands. BUT a meter or two behind her was the speedy phantom player (newbie Dez) bailing the Yellow team out again with a saving catch. Yellow methodically marched down the field and kept looking for Ben deep but to no avail (great job by Red D on him all night btw…). No problem, the short passing game worked out just fine. Axon got the disc about 15 m in front (near left sideline) of the endzone. Red Rockets clamped down the D and the count got to 8 but somehow the disc got new-ringer Andrew to the back side but he’s not in because it was called that he stepped on the line. No problem, Andrew swung the disc to Dan and he found Alison on the forehand side with a beautiful in cut. 12-11 Yellow!(Yikes, I managed to skip some work to write this essay. Good thing I didn’t see much of the other game ; ).

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