Week 6 – 1 Mar, 2012

Field 1: Red 11 — White 13

Both White and Red showed up with considerable force and tenacity. It seemed like everybody besides a few slackers took Tri’s email into consideration and showed up well before the games to practice cutting drills. Red started off with the pull to White and got the quick D for the 1-0 lead. Drills are supposed to help hone in the cutting skills, but the real thing is always a bit harder as White seemed to struggle to make the connections during the first part of the game. White evened it up at 1-1, but then Red started to peel off with a 3-1 lead, then a 5-2 lead. Tri seemed to be spearheading Red’s momentum with his forehand hucks and the fact that he’s in the 99th percentile when it comes to quickness in his age group. Less than good decisions on Red’s side and White power finally waking up put White back in the game with 3 uncontested scores to put the game back at 5-5. The teams would tie it up at 6-6, but after White took half with 7-6, Red increased their rage. Red kept White on their toes and made White fight for every point with Piet even getting the handblock D against that asian guy. They even played dirty enough to mentally will Kelvin into rolling his ankle after an amazing sky D. It’s okay Kelvin, here’s a plastic chair. Red played better during the second half especially with their decision making on their power plays, but White was solid in their game play. With Simon’s muscle pulled and White mainly playing 3 girls most of all game (Christie only sat out for one point out of sheer laziness), the men’s numbers seemed to be a bit low due to fatigue and injury. The game was 10-7 favoring White at one point, then 12-11. Red’s comeback was too little, too late as White won with the game winning pass to Danny. It was an exciting game of comebacks and near comebacks at 13-11, but once again White Lightning strikes.

Field 2: Yellow 8 — Blue 13
Having only 8 players show up for Blue actually provoked Blue to really step up and play hard. O’Captain Beller stepped up and called a 1-3-3 zone to help keep Blue from running out of steam. The game started with Blue going 2-0 on Yellow. I(Tyghe) failed a few times at playing Ultimate and the score went 2-2. Beller gave the angry face and the stop sucking talk which came across 100%. Blue started pulling together more and more and Yellow just could not get through this new zone defense. Soon the score was 5-3 then 7-4 to end the half. Blue started on Offense in the 2nd half and scored to make it 8-4. Yellow obviously talked a lot about what needed to change to break this new zone. Doing some odd play with 2 players running deep on one side and throwing a hammer to one of them and then them relaying the disc into the endzone the score was now 8-5. I felt this was a possible turning point for Yellow as they may have found a way to score, but I feel like they couldn’t keep it up and had a few turns that could easily have been scores. The game moved on and for every 2 scores Blue got, Yellow scored 1 with the final 13-8

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