Week 7 – 8 Mar, 2012

Field 1: White 8 vs. Yellow 13

White Lighting and Smellow Yellow took the close field for the much anticipated game of games. Yellow started strong with a zone defense that White could simply not break through. A combination of player errors and anger from the God’s of Zone turned the disc time after time against White. All the while, Ben Collins just chilled in the back as deep deep, waiting for the moment he could use his energy. By chilled, I mean he literally just stood there. Tien attempted a huck to the seemingly wide open Aoey, but changed his mind and decided that it should go to Ben for the D instead, good thing Ben magically appeared in front of Aoey. White swung the disc back and forth, but that’s all the seemed to be able to do as making vertical ground became seemingly impossible. The cup was relentless on chasing the disc back and forth, knowing it was just a matter of time before… TURN! After 3 straight points by Yellow, White answered back, bringing the score to 3-1 and also slowing down Yellow’s momentum. Just kidding. White would not answer back to Yellow until after half as Yellow took half 7-1.

During the second half White did something that was a bit unexpected, they started scoring. Yellow’s seemingly impregnable cup of death suddenly seemed pregnantable. You read that right, it seemed pregnantable. White’s handler’s became more bold in their throws as there were passes across, over and through the cup. With risk, came punishment as Yellow responded back with not only one, but at least a few handblocks. The second half was like watching Rocky for the first time. But this is Bangkok and not Philadelphia, and this is Ultimate and not Boxing. White had taken their beating, but wouldn’t let up and fought back until the bitter end. Yellow was so pumped that after one of the pulls during the first throw Allison jumped in front of her handsome husband Tien for the D. Tien felt like a loser, but only because he was. With that last stab through the heart, White attempted to catch Yellow one last time, but Yellow pulled away in the end with a 13-8 final score.

Field 2: Red 4 — Blue 13
Red Rockets vs Roller Coaster of Love: Red was without T (Anapatt, Ahn and Sven) but picked up a ringer friend of Brian. They started fast and went up 2-1. Then, the dark clouds and eery wind came and changed the course of the game (more like Red’s play). Blue scored to make it 2-2 and tightened things up with a zone cup D. But Red managed to marched it down the length of the field. Tri got the disc about 3 meters in front of the endzone and saw our ringer zipping into an open space in the endzone. Tri threw the disc in the path of the ringer’s two hands but suddenly, Nutt flew by. She didn’t make contact with anything but just made enough distraction. The ringer bobbled for a good 2-3 seconds but couldn’t haul it in. Blue got the disc and zipped all the way down for a score 4-2 (instead of 3-3). And that’s was the theme for the rest of the night. …Tri dropped another short throw by Beau and then Blue scored, 5-2. Next thing you know, 7-2 half time.

Hoping the second half would be different. Red got the disc and either Beau or Pieter busted Blue’s zone for a long throw (about 40 m) to Mel’s hands but she couldn’t haul it in. You guessed it, Blue marched down and scored, 8-2… 9-2,… Red managed to move the disc down the field. Beau spotted Bonnie in the endzone about 7 m away for an easy toss. Bonnie thought the disc was coming in hard so she jumped about 5 inches off the ground to catch the disc… but landed on the line. Turnover, Blue scored, 10-2… The final score was 13-4 when it was all said and done. (It was only about 10:05 at the time and only half time for the other game. But Red was happy it ended… more beer time.)

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