Week 8 – 15 Mar, 2012

Field 1: Red 5 vs Yellow 13

Field 2: White 9 vs. Blue 13

Last night was the last match of the regular season and boy did we save the best for last.  5 minutes past 9:00PM, players from both Blue and White were standing around, “uhhh.. we should probably start”.  Yes, that’s right, us veterans don’t need drills or exercises anymore.  With both lines filled White Lightning struck not once, twice…. but five times.  0-5 felt great, but hopefully for the sake of their sanity, they didn’t get too comfortable.  Blue’s Roller Coaster of Death took 5 points to reach it’s maximum height, but when it finally came down, it came down HARD. Nothing seemed to be able to stop this roller which was filled to maximum capacity with the fattest of kids, thus maximizing the amount of intertial might!   0-5 quickly fell to 2-5, then 2-6, then 10-6.

Wait!  What!?  2-6….. 10-6!?  This can’t be happening!  Oh yes, White, it was happening.
But how?!  Let’s rewind for a bit.  10-6, 2-6, 2-5… 0-5…. OH YEAH! GO WHITE!  White had 5 guys and 4 girls.  Collin, as White’s keystone handler was out of the mix, leaving Taco, Mike, Danny, and Christie to fill this void.  But like the hole in my heart left by my ex-gf from freshman year of high school (slut), this void could not be filled.  The handler and cutting power of White diminished as fatigue began setting into players of all positons.  At the same time, Blue stepped up their game as they threw their Yellow-crushing zone.  Tyghe’s Goliath-like stature which seemed to eclipse the moon was too intimidating for most of White to break mark throw against.  Like a plastic Micky Mouse cup given to a 4 year old, this cup could not break. Not even Mike’s scoobers could do much against Blue’s game. The rest is a story of turns and scores, mostly by Blue.  At one point Beller yelled at the asian guy on White’s team and almost made him cry.  The asian guy later realized he deserved it and Beller only yells like that out of love.  I once heard that the best victories are won through comebacks and making the other team feel horrible about themselves. Final score: 13-9. Congratulations Blue, tonight you were the better team.
This is a “had to be there” moment, so some of you may not understand, refer to the link:
Half field hammer…   ONLY OPTION.
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